EBS (E-learning Business Solutions) is a Company specializing in e-business solutions for professional and personal development. We at EBS have developed an e-learning telematic platform within our ownership and property rights for the supply, distribution, and management of on-line courses.

We are the creators, proprietors and operators of the EBS Portal (www.e-learningbs.com). A virtual site between highly experienced teachers in their various fields of expertise, and corporate and private users interested in furthering their knowledge, work positions or operating procedures in many diverse fields.

The mission of EBS is to provide on-line services of Certificated and dedicated training for Companies or individuals,  with  specific courses at different levels; directly focused on the interests of the Company’s or individual’s interest/s.

The EBS vision is to become your first choice for on-line professional training and a virtual site between our experts who will teach to a high standard at the different levels of a wide variety of subjects, and clients interested in using on-line courses to improve their job position or to satisfy their own interests. Both the teachers and the students will become part of the largest E-learning community dedicated  to specialised training.